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Company Profile:

4A Medical established business life since 1997 with produced sterilization reels. It's products accepted by Turkish and World's medical authorities in short time.

4A Medical's products have been manufacture with composition high engineering, productive workmanship and best raw materials.

4A Medical's product portfolio which started with sterilization reels added new products like Sterilization Pouch, Tyvek® Reels, Sterilization Control products i.e. The new products as well the world's most respected and popular companies products imported by TURKEY meets the needs of the quality of medical supplies.

With its innovative structure and dynamic company identification 4A Medical continues to works.

Address: Balikhisar Mahallesi Koyici Serpmeleri No. 795 Akyurt, 06750
City: Ankara
Country: TURKEY
Phone: +90 3123635052
Fax: +90 3123635210
  • Sterilisation and disinfection equipment and accessories / autoclaves
  • Biological indicators for sterilisation
  • Chemical indicators for sterilisation
  • Small automated sterilisers for medical practices
  • Laboratory sterilisation with steam pressure (autoclaves)
  • Sterile goods packaging and sterilisation indications
  • Supply and disposal systems for sterile goods, containers
  • Sterilisation equipment and installations (main sterilising installations)
  • Sterilisation containers
  • Accessories for sterilising systems and sterilisation
  • Sterilisation control
  • Sterilisation apparatus
  • Sterile pack welding equipment
  • Surgical instruments and products
  • Surgical plastic and rubber articles
  • Drainages
  • Filtration systems
  • Filters made of other material
  • Paper filters
  • Filter devices