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Chil in 2012 with 15 years of experience in the IVD industry, creating its own brand Eliza (EIA) Kits logged into global markets with additional growth provided by Rapid Test product line in 2014. Acting in accordance with all approvals from the competent organizations have managed to get in a short time and legislation related to the realization of the product through all stages Through experience in national and international legislation providing quality products and services to its customers.

CHIL At the beginning of 2015 with the inclusion of our customers to our system of spinning operation aimed to present products in a wider context. In a short time the reason we exhibit an upward trend; Ali of our employees do their job fondly, both products when either we never said that we not compromise on quality of service and our relationship with our customers warm. CHIL, producing high quality products with innovative approaches and strengthened its position in the global market by providing quality services with safe and reliable step.

We believe that in the coming years "CHIL" to determine the pulse of the market as a brand name will be frequently mentioned. Because our family as CHIL; Our business is our strength "HEALTH!"

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Rapid tests - Infectious immunology

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