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As Denizhan Medical, self-responsibility, stakeholder and result focused working is the most important thing for our business. Taking decisions with base values concepts creates our base of business and support our trading strategies. Our company and team do what we promise and it makes us trustable in domectic and international market. While doing this we create comfortable envoirement for our customers to speak about what they worry and find solutions. This happens with trust and trust is the most important thing for our success. Our Vision: To be leader of healt solutionsh in medical market.

Our Mission: To be first choice for our stakeholders with human health, satisfaction and service quality and providing competitive advantages with supporting each other. Our Passion: Our values, strategic perfection, operational perfection and cultural perfection. Our Values: Respect to human, focus on patient, honesty and transprency. Strategic Perfection Institutions: To create business models with institutions. Decision Making Authority: Tok be leader of ideas. Doctor: To be part of their works. Stakeholder: To be trustable business partner. Patient: Quick Access to safety informations and health solutions. Workers: Tok be competent organisation working with proud. Operational Perfection - Competence and experince improving with creating stakeholders focused strategies. - Creating teams for brands. - To be local manufacturer - Branding and creating original models. - Reaching the most efficient organisation shape. It is not easy to know how to make correct things all the time.

Our branches, Works to find requirements and provide neccessary solutions for human health in many regions in TURKEY.Different requlations and health law expectancies effect us in different ways but our approach is always create trustable envoirement for our trading. Our policy shows Denizhan Medical’s spirit. This spirit is a company culture of self-responsibility and collective purpose ideas and this spirit supports to find real potential of people and makes people feel better and increase their life styles. Denizhan Medical is proud of to have high standart international business partners network.

Address: Baraj Yolu Cad. Bülent Angın Bulvarı S. Elitaş Apt. Kat: 1 D: 1 Seyhan
City: Adana
Country: TURKEY
Phone: +90 322 227 50 36
Fax: +90 322 228 07 21
  • - General Surgery
  • Laparoscopy
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Gynecology
  • Orthopedic
  • Spine Surgery
  • Cardiovascular Surgery
  • Laparoscope Instruments
  • Stapler Devices and Cartridges
  • Trocars,
  • Surgical Sutures
  • Collagen Membrane
  • Collagen Sponges
  • Collagen Powders
  • Collagen Plugs
  • Biomaterials Synthetic Grafts (Betatcp, Hydroxipatite)
  • Bone Grafts, etc.• Mesh Group:Hernia Mesh, Composite Mesh, HemoclipsTitanium Clips & Applicator