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Colin Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.

  • Manufacturer

Colin was founded by an experienced team in 2000 in Istanbul, in line with the principle of producing high value added products.

We carry out our activities with the title of "authorized medical device manufacturer" of the Ministry of Health. All the products we produce are registered in the Ministry of Health Product Tracking System (ÜTS).

Our full-time working, responsible manager, sales and promotion staff and clinical support personnel have the conformity certifications given by the Ministry of Health.

We are able to offer products to all hospitals, clinics or test laboratories directly or through sub-dealers, and by constantly updating this structure, we respond to the market's demand for change instantly.

We offer "Specific Solutions" under the leadership of a team that has been receiving continuous and intensive academic support for 21 years.

The chemicals we produce are produced entirely locally and their formulas are 100% formulated by Colin R&D team.

We produce with the advantage of a fully compatible and domestic manufacturer, which is used in the field of biochemistry, specific to each brand device.

First time in Turkey, in 2002. Blood Count Solution, our company has been producing alternative domestic product for many devices used in hospitals today.

We produce fully compatible equivalent products for Wash, Clean, Rinse, Lyse, Buffer, Dilent, ISE Reagents, hormone, coagulation devices.

We offer specific solutions to meet your scientific preferences. For 21 years ...

We take part in national and international scientific studies, fairs and congresses with active participation and sponsorship support.

Our R & D team is to make joint efforts with Turkey's leading academics.

Scientific studies for many chemicals we have developed are presented orally by our research team as articles / notices in national congresses.

İkitelli OSB Mutsan Sanayi Sitesi M10 Blok No:3, BAŞAKŞEHİR
+90 212 486 20 20
+90 212 486 21 81

We produce fully compatible equivalent products for Wash, Clean, Rinse, Lyse, Buffer, Dilent, ISE Reagents, hormone, coagulation devices.

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